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Which is the best scent for my space?

Updated: Jul 2, 2022

Planning to buy for your bathroom, workspace or bedroom? Find out which scents we recommend for the spaces in your life.

Welcome to our first Milk & Moon blog post! We're so excited to be here with you guys to share some of the knowledge and ideas we have about candles, fragrances and of course our love for travel and all things tropical.

At Milk & Moon, we get asked ALL the time "Which candle do you recommend for my bathroom?" or "Which diffuser do you recommend for my office?" and we're here to share a few ideas with you guys about scents and what they can do for you.

Firstly, it's important to know that everyone's sense of smell is different and everyone knows what they like and what they don't like. We have so much fun at our market stalls watching our customers pick up all different candles and say "Wow I love that!" or "Woah, not for me thanks". Scents that one person loves, another person will dislike. One thing we do know at Milk & Moon markets is that our "cold throw", that is, the smell of our candles when they're first opened is really strong!

Why is it that smells can be well-liked by one person and disliked by another? We're thinking that the science behind smell and its link to memory in the brain can affect all kinds of candle-buying decision making. The human brain is laid out in such a way that the part that helps us to smell is adjacent to where we store all our memories. Sometimes I can smell a cologne on a passing stranger and it can take me back to a holiday I went on many years ago, or smell a room scent that reminds me of a particular store when I was a teenager. I'm sure most of you might have flashbacks like these. I would recommend researching more about this amazing neuroscience if you're interested, I found an awesome article by The Harvard Gazette online from 2020. I notice that our hippy incense Nag Champa candle gets customers talking the most about the memories of their childhood.

We're aware that a lot of people colour coordinate, style and organise their bathrooms and so it was very important to us that our signature branding didn't get in the way of your styling!

From experience, we know that when you look at our range, you will be drawn to particular candles and diffusers. I know that I absolutely love Coconut Pineapple and it was our number one pick when we started Milk & Moon. I'm obsessed with coconut shampoo, coconut water, coconut body lotion and perfume so I know that Milk & Moon's Coconut Pineapple is for me... but it's probably not right for the bathroom.

Our Recommendations for the Bathroom

For the Bathroom, we absolutely recommend using a diffuser as a long-term solution for masking toilet smells. Burning candles unattended in the bathroom is a big no-no so make sure to use candles only when having a relaxing bath.

Our diffusers use premium-grade ingredients to make sure the scent throw is strong. Flipping the reeds every second day or even every week will ensure an amazing scent for up to four months.

The most popular scent for bathroom use has been Sea Salt Driftwood so far because it has no sweetness, it's fresh, clean and woody and very unisex, leaning to masculine. Our current Sea Salt Driftwood diffuser is amber glass with a black to navy ombre label and natural reeds.

We're aware that a lot of people colour coordinate, style and organise their bathrooms and so it was very important to us that our signature branding didn't get in the way of your styling! So not to worry, if your bathroom has a particular style, we also have a custom diffuser option to make sure your bathroom can have the personality it deserves. Diffuser options include; Clear, Amber, White or Black glass, a range of cap options and reed options as well as a choice of custom vinyl decal and scent, all inclusive for $35 each on site.

We can do anything from a very classy clear diffuser with rose gold cap and white reeds to a fun "Happy Poopin'" diffuser with an emoji decal. Yes, we've done one of them just recently... and it was awesome.

Other great options for bathroom diffusers include Crisp Linen, Bergamot Tobacco and in the Custom Diffuser option; Balmoral Breeze, Australian Bush Walk and Oakmoss Amber.

Our Recommendations for the Office

For a shared, professional office or where customers come in to your office, we recommend Sea Salt Driftwood or Crisp Linen as they are very fresh and clean, or Sandalwood Leather or Bergamot Tobacco as they are warm and sophisticated. These candles will get awesome reviews from everyone who walks in.

We've found that in offices where mostly women work, Passionfruit Lime, Juicy Watermelon and Japanese Honeysuckle go down a real treat. In my work office, a Passionfruit Lime diffuser went so well that I sold quite a few to the girls in the week it went in! Make sure to check that everyone is okay with the fruity scent though as some people can find it hard to concentrate.

If you're studying or working from home, I have personally found Lemongrass Tahitian Lime, Neroli Ylang Ylang and Nag Champa are amazing for focus. These candles have aromatherapy properties that have helped me to feel good while getting it done. Most recently, a custom Australian Bush Walk - with notes of lemon, eucalyptus, pine needle, sandalwood and a floral element of patchouli - has been fresh, reminiscent of the great Aussie outdoors and very relaxing.

Our Recommendations for Everywhere Else

We recommend you buy what you know you're going to love but we also recommend you try something new! All our Milk & Moon scents are awesome and if you don't like the scent, we guarantee it's a beautiful gift for your partner, friend or hard-working mum - because we're sure they'll like it.

A great way to test out lots of scents is through purchasing our Soy Wax Melts which are $8 each as well as a tealight or electric melter. If you find yourself wanting to try everything, or like the idea of mixing scents together, the melts are definitely for you.

Stay Safe and Good Vibes,

Milk & Moon x

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