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Melts Combinations You Want to Try Right Now

Updated: Jul 2, 2022

Milk & Moon have a huge range of Soy Wax Melts and you don't know where to start? Some gorgeous custom combinations for you to try coming right up!

About Melts & Melters

We currently have 28 (!) different melts for sale on and that many options is super exciting but also a little overwhelming for some. We're here to let you know a little about what we have at Milk & Moon and why melts are a perfect alternative to candle burning.

Soy Wax melts are little cubes of candle wax which can be placed in a tealight burner - like one used for essential oils with the little tealight candle underneath - or in a plug-in electric wax melter. The benefit to the tealight melter is that the candle gets really hot and that can give an extra boost of fragrance into the room. The electric melters are super safe as it has no flame at all and melts the wax purely with the heat from the light globe inside. If you are forgetful, this is the perfect solution.

We have some gorgeous option for tealight melters; The Moon and Stars Tealight Burner; a porcelain burner with moon & stars cut outs on the side, and our glass Tealight Burners in Baby Pink, Candy Red, Royal Purple and Orange Pop.

We currently have three electric melters in stock now; the gorgeous Black Mandala, White Mandala and the brand new Black Elephant Lamp Melter. All are touch lamps meaning the lamp turns on by touching the base rather than a switch, and have a glass holder on top for the wax cubes.

Each cube of wax melt can last up to 10 hours and so our $8 wax melts each have up to 80 hours of fragrance time. That's an awesome deal! Wax melts don't burn away like candles and stay in the melting dish so when they do run out of fragrance and stop smelling, there are two different techniques I would like to recommend you use to remove the wax;

  1. Wipe the melted wax out with a damp paper towel after it has cooled down a little. or

  2. Wait until it has cooled down entirely and scoop out with a teaspoon. Don't forget that wax can clog your sink so ensure all used wax goes in the bin.

Recommended Fragrances & Combinations

With so many options where do we start? Well, at the beginning it's always important to start with coffee.

  1. Café Noir

Our Dark Roasted Coffee melt, Café Noir is the closest thing you'll find to a true coffee scent. With notes of buttercream, almond, coffee bean, malt, vanilla and sugar cane, this melt is incredible.

We recommend blending this melt with our Double Vanilla melt, our Vanilla Caramel melt or our Cinnamon Sugar Donut melt for a true café, delicious experience.

2. Pumpkin Marshmallow

Coming into the spooky season, our Pumpkin Marshmallow melt is packed with Halloween vibes, pumpkin sweetness and vanilla. It's absolutely stunning by itself or mixed with Double Vanilla.

3. Double Vanilla + Everything

There is nothing plain about vanilla. Here at Milk & Moon, you can't underrate Double Vanilla enough. Here are some amazing combinations for our rich, creamy vanilla with notes of aniseed, buttermilk, coconut, lashings of vanilla bean and malt;

Double Vanilla + Strawberry Fields = Strawberry Milkshake

Double Vanilla + Raspberry Sorbet = Raspberry Swirl

Double Vanilla + Spiced Pear = Winter Dessert

Double Vanilla + Fizzy Lemon = Summer Lemon Dessert

Double Vanilla + Cafe Noir = Iced Coffee

Double Vanilla + Cinnamon Sugar Donut = Ice cream and Donuts

4. Grape Soda + Strawberry Fields

Our grape soda has that Hubba Bubba goodness right in a melt. Notes of sugar, grapes, more sugar, pomegranate and strawberry. Perfect by itself or mix with our Strawberry Fields for a sweet treat.

We're here to let you know a little about what we have at Milk & Moon and why melts are a perfect alternative to candle burning.

5. Fizzy Lemon

Our super popular Fizzy Lemon is a beautiful, subtle lemon. Citrus, lemonade and vanilla sugar all surround this gorgeous melt. Perfect by itself or mixed with one of our other citrus or fruity melts.

Fizzy Lemon + Pink Grapefruit = Citrus on Citrus

Fizzy Lemon + Jalapeno Colada = Tropical Coconut Citrus Cocktail

Fizzy Lemon + Sea Salt Driftwood = Amalfi Coast

Fizzy Lemon + Australian Bush Walk = Eucalyptus Lemon

Fizzy Lemon + Lemongrass Tahitian Lime = Lemon Lime Fresh

6. Lotus Camellia + Spiced Pear

With notes of bergamot, lemon peel, pink camellia, lotus blossom, amber and musk, our Lotus Camellia is our version of Glasshouse Australia's Kyoto. It is absolutely the most stunning floral around and we absolutely love it. By accident, we stumbled upon an amazing combination of our Lotus Camellia and our Spiced Pear. Both warm and welcoming, the Spiced Pear brings the cinnamon to the Lotus Camellia and brings it up a whole notch - We didn't think it was possible!

7. Balmoral Beach + Australian Bush Walk

These outdoors scents just go together! The gorgeous sea breeze scent with sea mist, lemon and lime combined with eucalyptus native bushland and Australian florals... it's like being in a National Park. We highly recommend these two together.

8. Strawberry Fields and Pink Grapefruit

Think berries and citrus - strawberry, peach, grapefruit, lemon, sugar cane and vanilla musk. We loved them both and then we loved them more together. You won't believe how great they are until you smell them.

We'd love to know what your favourite melt combinations are! Give us a shout on Facebook or Instagram and let us know.

Wishing you all good times and tropical vibes,

Milk & Moon x

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