Milk and Moon creators Paul and Ash live in Sydney, Australia and are engaged to be married in Hawaii in August.

Ash has always been a big fan of scents that transport her to the past, or take her to places she'd rather be. 

With a background in design and retail, Ash is passionate about all things beautiful and purposeful. Growing up in both Auckland and Sydney, and with Samoan and German grandparents, life has always been colourful, eventful and blessed.


When she's not visiting tropical islands, she's dreaming about them. Give Ash a Margarita by the pool any day and all day.


Paul has never steered clear of Hawaiian and Party shirts. Nor should he! That's the vibe that he brings to Milk and Moon and is always willing to try new things and not always take himself too seriously.

Paul's background as a travel agent has taken him all over the world, including many tropical islands. He especially likes to learn new things about culture and what to eat and drink in new places. 

Growing up in Griffith, NSW, Paul has a passion for music, entertaining and tattoos.


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